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The Europe-wide, free expert market SPACE800X.com was originally developed in Germany primarily for the network of the ESA (European Space Agency) Business Solutions Institution. SPACE800X is not just a digital marketplace that promotes knowledge transfer. It also serves the technology transfer between space and non-space technology companies and promotes digital knowledge transfer between business and technology experts as well as between employees of manufacturers and service providers. SPACE800X creates impulses for the development and marketing of new products. We make innovative services and intelligent technologies and product solutions known to each other and communicate them. 

As our slogan "A change in thinking about Technology & Business" already suggests, SPACE800X will bring about a new way of thinking in the business world. SPACE800X is an innovative new B2B market with selected top experts, which wants to simplify the professional life of employees in the manufacturing industry by enabling the combination of all technologies and by making various service packages of carefully selected top experts from the economy and technology environment bookable immediately. Our top experts offer solutions for various types of projects and for coping with other economic and social challenges of the future. SPACE800X is the powerful engine for digitizing and marketing diverse industries and technologies. 

In summary, our mission is not only to support the journey to Mars or the geodata transfers from space to Earth, but also: