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The pan-European expert market SPACE800X.com was originally developed in Germany primarily for the network of the ESA (European Space Agency) Business Solutions Institution. Now SPACE800X is accessible to aerospace- and space-industries and "earth-based" technology companies, therewith all European technologies (space & non-space) can be interconnected. A further goal of  SPACE800X is to give SPACE800X members an overview of all existing technologies in Europe. - Get inspired by the latest technologies and take the opportunity to improve your own products with them and to stay competitive. 

As our slogan "A change in thinking about technology and business" already indicates, SPACE800X wants to cause a rethinking in the business world. SPACE800X is your B2B market of selected top-experts designed to simplify your working life by being the answer to the digital age: Startups or working people of established companies that use technologies and/or are technology developing companies can book ready-made service packages from specific fields of business or technology on SPACE800X.

The service packages can nevertheless be adapted to your individual needs. The prices of the offered service packages are connected to the size of your company and thus on your company's budget. Only "handpicked" experts are allowed to offer their services on SPACE800X.com, this ensures that you really only commission the best of the respective business areas.

In addition, SPACE800X enables your company of free pan-European marketing, which helps to rapidly increase the brand recognition of the own company name throughout Europe.

You have the opportunity to be trained by the best minds in your industry or to become active yourself by offering training (seminars/workshops) or other events (trade fairs, round tables, etc.). The advantage? You can target employees of technology companies across all industries.

You are also tired of spending horrendous sums on job advertisements? That's what we were and that's why you can also search on SPACE800X.com the best brains in Europe for a small budget.




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