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What the Smart B2B Mark(e)t of SPACE800X can do

The big differences to the most popular Matching- and Networkplatforms


SPACE800X Smart B2B Mark(e)t is more than just another B2B network, it is the "EU point of B2B" to sell, find and buy.

You can certainly continue to gather information on the internet, on other expert portals or on suppliers/manufacturers' websites. However, in the online B2B sector, online purchases on supplier/manufacturer sites are rarely possible; on the common expert portals, B2B products/services are sometimes shown, but cannot be purchased immediately. Helpful working documents such as forms or templates can only be found on the internet, if at all. Comparing services and prices (everything at a glance) is not possible.

SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt is more than "just an expert market" or a "brokerage platform" of technology products. SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt is a combination of all the existing B2B networking and intermediation platforms on the market plus new, unique innovations:

What the smart B2B markt can do

SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt is the only platform in the world where manufacturers of B2B technologies and providers of B2B services can offer their (service) products across Europe or, if required, buy some themselves directly from the supplier via the platform. The technology manufacturers can sell their products individually or, if they wish, in combination with related services and/or training online. (Example: B2B technology with associated maintenance contract and product training). Service providers can offer their services for sale in the form of ready-made service product packages. Event providers can also advertise and sell their B2B events on the platform. Investor seekers can discreetly communicate their requests to investors. Investors can find investments and much more can be found here.

No matter whether a project manager is looking for a graphic designer, developer or production manager for a special technology with or without a maintenance contract, a managing director for a tax consultant for the annual financial statement, a farmer for a drone provider to fly his fields or an employee who needs training: Everyone can find what they are looking for on SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt or offer these services and/or products for order themselves.

With SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt, time-consuming bid submissions and queries, as well as the disclosure of project information in matching portals and the long search for special expertise and sales or negotiation marathons are a thing of the past. SPACE800X makes the cross-sector transfer of technologies and services possible throughout Europe, thereby opening up the Smart B2B Markt to companies in new target groups, sectors and markets. Suppliers gain easier access to other or hard-to-reach markets, such as the aerospace industry, and skills shortages and supplier problems can also be reduced.

The goals of SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt are to simplify the professional lives of users and contribute to their personal successes, to save working hours, to attract new customers, to open up new industries and markets, and to enable sales increases. It gives rise to innovative technology applications that no one has thought of before. But the best thing is: with SPACE800X, users can not only find everything useful for themselves and their business and focus more specifically on the essentials, but also save and generate a lot of money. Our users can not only save working hours, automatically acquire new customers, sell and thus more easily achieve increases in turnover. In the future, there will also be much less acquisition effort, negotiations and thus less travel necessary, which will allow Wiederrun to reduce travel costs immensely.

SPACE800X is Digital - the trend from these days
Hand on heart! The last few years have shown us all that only those who can also offer needs-based, digitised purchasing and sales processes in addition to face-to-face business can remain competitive. With SPACE800X, users can not only secure digital B2B purchasing and sales channels of resources and manpower, but also drive their own digital agenda forward in a targeted manner and reduce sales costs.  - SPACE800X Smart B2B does not want to and cannot replace face-to-face business transactions. But SPACE800X wants to and can be a supplement and/or a "replacement" in times of crisis or supply problems due to the constant de-globalisation in the EU.

The functionen on one view

Ready to change your way of thinking about technology & business?


from SPACE800X

supports you to sell and in finding
the best and most cost effective
B2B solutions.



B2B Networking

  • Meet the best minds in their field and exchange ideas with like-minded people
  • Access to many experts in business and technology
  • Unlimited free networking


Green B2B footprint

  • Achieving a greener footprint together by optimising own workflows, in-house synergies and reducing travel and distribution activities of as many companies as possible across Europe

  • Saving energy resources through consistent remote action


  • Overcoming the shortage of freight workers through the increased use of service providers
  • Direct purchase and sale of prefabricated service packages
  • Tailor-made service packages possible despite prefabrication
  • Offers to suit the size and budget of your company
  • Personal implementation by the best expert



  • Inspiration through the latest technology and software solutions
  • Users learn about and get an overview of the latest technologies and software relevant to them outside their own industry
  • Cross-industry technology transformation possible, enabling products to achieve innovative revolution
  • Quick access and linking to other technology companies

B2B Tec Market

  • Find new suppliers of technologies or be one yourself
  • Offer or buy technologies individually or in combination with the associated service and/or training offer
  • Buying directly from the manufacturer
  • Attracting and approaching new business partners across the EU


  • Booking and offering of various B2B events (e-learning, online presentations, workshops, seminars, other events)

  • Helping people to help themselves by completing high-quality training courses



  • Find lucrative investments in B2B
  • Invest in established companies and innovative start-ups
  • Access to personal contact with start-ups and established companies looking for an investor/financier
  • Discreet, fast, ingenious!



  • No more investor pitches needed
  • Win investors/funders for yourself with one click
  • Let your suitable investor find you



  •  No long search for qualitative, subject-related information
  •  Access to important documents, high-quality documents and work tools, such as subject-related templates of forms, contracts, reports, calculation sheets, etc.
  • News and blog function


coming soon:

  • Find dream job
  • Find dream employee for dream job (post job vacancies)


..and much more.

Ready to find everything you need for your project(s)/company quickly and easily?

There is no other platform in the world that can offer "multifunctional solutions" beyond the usual singular B2B solutions. And all of this is completely automated: From an integrated fraud prevention system to a shop including a payment processing system to invoice management and buyer protection, the platform simply offers the perfect shopping and sales experience in the B2B sector. On top of that, it is guaranteed that only real companies can be found on the Smart B2B Markt and the use of the market is completely free of charge.

Anyone who is allowed to buy or sell for their company can become active on our smart B2B mark(e)t. -You can thus be a supplier yourself and/or "only" a buyer, depending on your needs.





B2B solution-oriented and "new customer seekers",
who want to try out new digital purchasing and sales channels, can start their registration right here.

Ready to let fly your business higher?

Sell and purchase the best Tec products and related technical services as well as economic services all over Europe right now!

For whom was our smart market developed?

This platform has been developed primarily for start-ups and SMEs, with the aim of them doing business with each other and strengthening their SME position. Large companies are also welcome!

Who can participate?

SPACE800X can do more - also for established companies

While it is primarily important for start-ups to "introduce themselves to the market" and to "place themselves", it is more important for established companies to increase their awareness, their turnover and to build up additional customer structures: With SPACE800X, you can win over other companies and accompany start-ups from the very beginning on their way to SME or even key account status.

Our Smart B2B Markt is not open to individuals and businesses outside the EU. The Smart B2B Markt is a B2B-only market. It is free to use and there are also no premium packages or hidden membership fees. All users are equal and everyone can use all functions free of charge. The guarantee that all users are dealing with real company members is given. Only personal, regularly used company e-mail addresses are permitted. We will check your details for accuracy and then let you know whether we accept or reject your request to join. We may also reject your request if we determine that your company or your products or company philosophy are not factually suitable to become part of the Smart B2B Market. This is also for the safety of all users.



Let your business fly even higher with us

SPACE800X for Business Solutions GmbH is an alumnus of the ESA Business Incubation Hessen funding programme. This form of funding is only available to start-ups with highly innovative products that are related to space travel and have a unique selling proposition or niche product idea.

SPACE800X sees itself as a supporter of European entrepreneurial cooperation and as an independent funding instrument for technically-savvy SMEs (also non-space) throughout the European Union. We follow the philosophy that "the big ones" should support "the small ones" so that the small or medium-sized businesses grow or are strengthened as well. For this reason, we give every service provider the opportunity to offer SME-friendly prices (adapted to the size of the company).

SPACE800X develops innovative B2B platforms and wants to use them to stimulate a rethink in the business world. The aim is to connect all business sectors and industries through efficient project work and technology and knowledge transfer. We support the fundamental values of the European Union, fair trade, small and medium-sized enterprises and do not pursue the goal of being or becoming a data octopus that "cannibalises" the data of our users, as the American digital corporations like to do. We see our Smart B2B Markt platform as a "we" product, because every single user contributes to making it special. SPACE800X is a German company with servers in Germany, owner and operator of the SPACE800X Smart B2B Markt. In addition, from time to time we also like to implement a smart and innovative custom B2B software solutions.

Our Smart B2B Markt software is also available in the in-house variant "Smart E2E Markt" (Expert2Expert) to continuously improve internal workflows, optimise in-house synergies and reduce third-party costs.

By the way: We are always looking for further partnerships or investors. Interested?